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Clutch Announces Partnership with New York Credit Union Association

Clutch Announces Partnership with New York Credit Union Association

Clutch, a fintech platform specializing in omni-channel consumer loan and deposit account opening solutions for credit unions, has entered a strategic partnership with the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA). This collaboration aims to provide credit unions with advanced technology to enhance member experiences and streamline operations.

Clutch, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), serves over 110 clients and has received investments from entities like Andreessen Horowitz, TruStage Ventures, and Curql. Co-founded by Stanford alumni Nicholas Hinrichsen and Chris Coleman, Clutch focuses on driving digital transformation while maintaining credit unions' core values of "People helping people."

Nicholas Hinrichsen, CEO of Clutch, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting its potential to revolutionize consumer banking for credit unions. William J. Mellin, President & CEO of NYCUA, also voiced enthusiasm, emphasizing the benefits for credit unions and their members.

Investors like Brian Kaas of TruStage Ventures and Nick Evens of Curql Collective praised the partnership, noting its potential to bring innovative solutions and enhance the credit union industry.

For more details, visit Clutch and NYCUA.