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Originate and recapture your members' debt

Enable your Credit Union to originate and recapture your members' loans by delivering an amazing UX loaded with integrations and improvements over existing solutions. Truly lend like a fintech.

White label solution

Built to accommodate your Credit Union's brand.


Surface external debt of members

More opportunities to refinance debt from other financial institutions. 


Turn awareness into applications

3 clicks to a ready-to-fund loan application.


Grow your consumer loan portfolio

Direct loans to existing members.

More profitable and less delinquencies.

100% aligned with the Credit Union's mission.

Analytics to improve conversion

We give credit unions analytics. I. e. for the first time you can tell who started an application, how far did the user get, what percentage makes it through, etc.


Higher conversion rates

Much higher converting flow because we auto populate and pre-fill information from 3rd party data sources.


Ratesheets improved

We can even give recommendations on the credit union's ratesheets because we have data from all our other clients on what rates are optimal to maximize conversion.


Up and cross-sell

We surface all the savings opportunities and automate up and cross-sell to maximize share of wallet.


If Credit Unions embrace technology a little more, they have so much potential to originate loans from their existing Members and other creative channels.


Bob Thompson, Chief Lending Officer - EagleCU

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