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“Clutch’s mission is to turn Credit Unions into FinTechs, enabling them to serve their members with the best digital experience and lending products.”

We believe in financial fairness

America is our community and local Credit Unions serve members in a caring way, and deserve larger share of wallet compared to big banks.Since many Credit Unions lack the technical capabilities and large development teams that big banks can afford, many Credit Unions are looking for partners that can deliver exceptional digital member experiences. That’s where the idea of Clutch was born.

Have impact and make a difference

Clutch develops software to turn Credit Unions into FinTech lenders and leverages their balance sheets to responsibly lend to over 130M Americans.

To make this possible, we have a diverse and international team, with the most innovative professionals in their field of expertise in each and every role.


team members across the US and Latin America


Credit Unions already together in this journey

>$1 Billion

in loans originated through Clutch products

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