Product Update: April 2024


Multiple Accounts on Branch Portal


Branch Portal


All partners going live with DAO

What is this feature?

Serve your members faster and better by opening multiple accounts in one go with this new functionality.

You no longer need to created separate applications for every account. Which means you no longer need to ask for repeated profile information for a new application.

How to use?

To open multiple accounts within the same application, click on the “+” signal and select the features for that account. You will see a message at the bottom of the screen confirming you added the account.

If you need to delete any account from the application, click on “Accounts added” button in the bottom and remove the account you wish.

Notable callouts

We currently do not support adding accounts for different account categories within the same application.

Account Duplicate Prevention


DAO Consumer Portal


On demand

What is this feature?

You can now set up which accounts and how many of them you members can have. By doing this, the Clutch platform will ensure members are not exceeding the limit of a specific account they already have

How to use?

To set this up, please contact you CSM so they can enable it in sandbox for testing.

Once the feature is enabled, when an existing member tries to open an account they cannot open due to reaching the max number of that account, a message will be shown to the member and the new account will not be added to the application.

Important things to know

You can set up different accounts and different limits of that accounts but this needs to be done by Clutch.

Smaller features

Check for lockout codes on joint applicant

You can add lockout code validations on all joint applicants added

Middle name for joint applicants

You can now request for joint applicants to inform their middle name

ITIN validation

If an application is submitted with an ITIN, it will now be identified on Alloy and you can set specific communications if you like.