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Sticker Tool

Use our Window Sticker Tool to get the Monroney Sticker of any recent vehicle. No more guessing which trim, packages or options a car has. The sticker is 100% accurate, just like for a brand new car.


Enter the VIN and your Email address and we'll send you the window sticker PDF file:

Get my Sticker

By clicking the "Get my Sticker" button you agree that WithClutch, or WithClutch's authorized representatives, may call and/or send text messages (including by using equipment to automatically dial telephone numbers) for marketing/sales purposes, or for any other servicing or informational purpose related to your vehicle. You do not have to consent to receiving calls or texts from WithClutch.

Get Window Sticker Tool and more with our Chrome Plug-in

We are creating a Chrome browser plug-in that lets you see the Window Sticker of other cars while you are browsing dealer websites, Cargurus, or AutoTrader. Submit your email address below if you want to join the waiting list:

Thanks for submitting, we will reach out to you when it is your place in line!

Window Sticker Tool for your Business

Are you a new / used car dealership or auto-lender? We can offer the ability to get these Monroney Labels for select makes (e.g. Audi / Volkswagen, Ford) in bulk. For other makes, we recommend reaching out to Chrome Data.

Unfortunately, dealerships and other companies have abused our free window sticker tools in the past, so please get in touch if you'd like bulk-access. You can reach us at if you'd like access to stickers for your business and we'll happily put you in touch with the best data provider. For Audi / Volkswagen or Ford, just use the self-serve sign up below. 

Through our self-serve sign up, you deposit an initial $5 activation fee, which we will convert into window sticker credits. Once activated, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to provide us the VINs for which you'd like to obtain stickers. Our users usually choose between a programmatic API access or a CSV upload. Contact us in case you want our help with a customer integration of the window stickers into your workflows or existing software.


Please note: Due to abuse in the past, we require your cell phone number so we can avoid being scraped/abused in bulk. These services are paid for and we'd prefer to limit total use so legitimate users like you can take advantage of the window decal. We also cannot provide Monroney Labels for all Model years. For most manufacturers, we can reproduce window stickers for cars which are 2013 Model Year and newer.

Most people who use our window sticker tool are either in the market to buy a car, sell a car or file an insurance claim. In all those cases, our users are trying to better understand the trim, packages and options of the respective vehicles.


Should you be in the market to refinance your vehicle, make sure you take a look at your window sticker, too. Your loan terms will improve if your car is more valuable (e.g. because of a higher trim, packages or options) than the lender assumes.

We performed a thorough reviews on the best auto loan refinancing companies and found that only WithClutch offers a fully digital experience, without unreasonable fees and while guaranteeing lowe rates.

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