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Improve efficiencies 

Clutch is often described as the world’s best banker! Clutch's software allows you to improve on existing processes and empower your staff to spend their time serving your members.

Cross-sell the easy way

Improve your member experience, and grow your non-interest income! Clutch surfaces all potential cross-sell opportunities for your staff and helps them originate more loans, and saves members more money. 


Empower your Branch Staff

Provide your staff with the ability to utilize Clutch's loan application as a cross-selling tool in-branch to automatically analyze a member's credit report and surface all refinance opportunities.  

Operational Efficiencies

Remove friction for your branch staff to follow up with GAP & MBPI sales, by integrating it as easy add-on options directly in your employee cross-selling tool.


Digitize and Automate Balance Transfers

Improve the efficiency of your payment operations & ACH team by automating and bringing your balance transfer experience digital. Remove the lengthy process of cutting and mailing checks to pay off credit card lenders. 

Lower Cost of Loan Acquisition

Clutch delivers higher cross-sells, and increased loan volume for Credit Unions, which in turn helps your direct vs indirect loan portfolio and lowers the average cost per loan. 


Lower Operational Expenses

Clutch's loan applications come ready to fund in your LOS. With the option to integrate Docusign, and our ability to provide payoff statements, window stickers, and vehicle registrations, reduce the time and effort it takes for your lending department to fund a loan.

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"In order to best serve them, we want to ease the experiences for our members, and technology partners, like Clutch, play a major role in our strategy."


Ben Laycock, Project Diretor - Texas Tech FCU

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