Supercharge your marketing efforts

Empower Chief Marketing Officers to drive more loan applications with pre-approval campaigns and convert more loan applicants by retargeting campaigns across several channels.

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A complete picture and experience

Most loan applications are little more than a form. Through collecting partial data and integration with digital account opening services you can finally send web traffic to your loan portal without fear of wasted marketing dollars.

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"Real" Digital Experience

Connect lending products with digital account opening products so that marketing campaigns are able to fully onboard new Members. No longer feel like marketing dollars are "wasted" when Members are sent to a branch to complete their loan applications.

Automated Retargeting

Fully automate re-targeting campaigns through various channels such as text, email, and direct mail. Over 60% of loan applicants will abandon applications. Retargeting these members are crucial for improved conversion rates and driving loan growth.

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Reach More Members

Build pre-approval campaigns, direct mail, email, and text messaging to reach members and non-members to drive higher loan volumes. All campaigns can be analyzed in your existing Google Analytics dashboard.

Analytics and Performance

Utilize conversion from the loan portal to deliver in-depth analytics on every stage of the member journey through a loan application. We can monitor exactly where your members may abandon loan apps, how many cross-sells the portal is doing for you.


Leverage Application Data

Every member who views offers in the Clutch loan application has a soft-pull of credit done. Some members still don't complete loan apps, but Clutch provides you all of this data, sortable to which members have loans at higher rates than your own.


This partnership has been an important addition to our growth strategy.


Amanda Gish, AVP -Marketing at Credit Union of America