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The World’s Best Loan Officer

Clutch’s loan application software is the perfect tool for any lending department looking to modernize its lending experience. Whether you're looking to increase loan volumes, reduce unwanted applicants, increase cross-sells, or optimize the efficiency of your lending processes, Clutch can help.

End to End Digital Lending Experiences

We often say Clutch is the world’s best loan officer because it drives loan growth, boosts profitability, increases your share of wallet, and reduces the cost to produce a loan. Your Credit Union will see improvements in look-to-book, days-to-fund, cross-sells, and your non-interest income.

Less Work for Applicants

Reduce the effort to apply for a loan. By automatically using API based data sources, reduce the need for Applicants to fill out lengthy and clunky forms. Now, applicants can see offers in real time before Hard Credit Inquiries.

Less Work for Loan Officers

Use API’s not document uploads to automatically collect stips, payoffs, booksheets without asking the Member. With these document automatically placed in your existing LOS, Loan Officers can focus on loan funding rather than Applicant followup.


Improve Every Conversion

When the application is easier to complete for both Applicants and Loan Officers you can improve conversion . When applicants get a decision in real-time you can also reduce adverse action

Cross-sell on Auto Pilot

Automatically identify debt the Applicant has elsewhere, and identify savings opportunities as part of existing applications. Let applicants have "1 stop" solutions to their borrowing needs.


Drive Non-Interest Income

Increase GAP, MBPI, and insurance sales through integrating product offerings directly in the digital workflow of the application. 


"Our goal is to maximize efficiency for our Members and employees, making it easier to build great relationships and meet our Member’s needs. We are continuously exploring technologies and opportunities that can help us create an end-to-end loan application experience, aiding our goals in providing our communities with value, experience and increased efficiency."


Stephanie Moreira, VP of Consumer Lending - Premier America

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