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Empower your Executive Team

Clutch's technology stack empowers your executive team with tools and technology to increase efficiency for staff & operations, drive further loan growth, and deliver better end-to-end digital experiences for your members.

Turn your Credit Union into a Fintech

Improve your member experience, net promoter score, and deliver the best digital account opening and application processes. Grow your loan portfolio, increase profitability of your loans by reducing overhead, and increase your loan-to-share ratio with Clutch.

Loan Growth

Empower your CLO to supercharge your lending capabilities and increase loan growth by surfacing all debt a member should refinance with your Credit Union. With cross-selling capabilities built directly into the application, you'll see loan growth of over 15%.

Operational Efficiencies

Equip your branch staff, lending department, and operations teams with better tools and products to serve your members. Eliminate the need to chase down vehicle registrations, pay-off statements, mailing checks for balance transfers, and deliver fully ready-to-fund loan apps in your LOS.


Digital Member Experience

Improve your user experience and deliver and end-to-end digital loan application process to your members without utilizing countless project hours from your technology & software development team. Clutch integrations often take one month.

Marketing Intelligence

Unlike many LOS's, Clutch is able to provide event data in real-time from our digital application. Your marketing department will have access to retarget and deliver automated personalized messaging to members who abandon loan applications through channels such as SMS, email, and direct mail.

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Product and Industry Knowledge

Clutch is partnered with some of the brightest in the Credit Union and strives to continue to help all of our Credit Unions by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of Credit Unions of all sizes, across the country. 

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"Christian Community Credit Union has a very specific field of membership. We use technology to expand our membership base and leverage partners, such as Clutch, while staying true to our charter to serve Christian members."


Blair Korschun, CEO - Christian Community CU

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