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  • Nicholas Hinrichsen

Dude I Want That - How Even You Can Save Thousands on Your Car Payments

100M Americans are making payments on their cars. If you are one of them, you are are likely massively overpaying:

  • You either simply don’t know that you can refinance your auto loan and save thousands of dollars.

  • Or you do know about refinancing but the process of refinancing is so cumbersome and the outcome so uncertain, you just don't have the energy to look into it.

WithClutch.com is a digital platform to refinance your auto loan and save thousands of dollars hassle-free and from the comfort of your home. If you are thinking to yourself 'dude, I want that', you came to the right place!

Table of contents

  1. What does it mean to refinance a loan?

  2. Auto loan refinancing how long to wait?

  3. What are auto loan refinance rates?

  4. Dude you want that - save thousands now!

What does it mean to refinance a loan?

Everyone knows that you can refinance a mortgage and save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. However, a lot of car owners wonder what does it mean to refinance a car loan.

In a nutshell, refinancing your car loan is the same as refinancing your mortgage: you find a new loan with a lower interest rate, use the new loan to pay off your old loan and consequently save thousands of dollars.

While close to 50% of funded mortgage applications are refinances, less than 5% of auto loans are. Car owners either don't know they can refinance or the process to do so is complicated and the savings uncertain.

We built WithClutch.com to change that. On our digital platform you can go from entering your phone number to saving thousands of dollars in a few simple clicks. Thanks to our network of lenders, we are the one-stop-shop with the lowest rates for any credit segment.

Auto loan refinancing how long to wait?

If you want to refinance your mortgage, you really have to wait until the FED lowers the interest rates. To refinance your auto loan, however, you don't have to wait for lower rates. If you have made your payments in full and on time you improved your credit over time!

With an improved credit score you immediately qualify for a lower rate, i.e. already a few months after you bought your vehicle.

In sum, everyone with an existing loan will qualify for refinancing at some point in time. Checking if you qualify for a lower rate doesn't cost you anything and it absolutely will not hurt your credit! If you give us your phone number, your consent and three simple clicks we will make you a firm credit offer in less than 2 minutes.

Since we are a fully digital platform, we can conveniently pull up your personal details, your credit file with your existing loans and your motor vehicle records online. We won't store your data or impact your credit so there's nothing to worry about.

What are auto loan refinance rates?

We have observed that a number of car owners never think about refinancing their auto loans because they struggle to find accurate auto loan refinance rates online.

We're not surprised about our customers' feedback because auto loan companies don't want to publish their rates. They prefer you don't refinance your loan. Every dollar you save is a dollar less profit for the auto loan company.

Wondering how to refinance your current auto loan? We created a number of bank-specific how-to articles for you.

Dude you want that - save thousands now!

Haven't explored refinancing yet? WithClutch.com is a fully digital platform that lets car owners like you do so from the comfort of their own home. No need to set a foot in a bank or credit union. You can lower your rate or get cash in as little as 20 seconds.

Follow three simple steps to refinance your auto loan, get approved in seconds and save thousands in minutes.

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