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Automated retargeting and origination campaigns

Launch Automated Targeted Marketing Campaigns 

Empower your marketing team and drive more loan originations by partnering with Clutch to lean on Clutch's industry knowledge curated through working with many unique Credit Unions. In order to maximize the value of Clutch’s software, we assist you with a dedicated marketing consultant who can run lead generation campaigns, build recapture messaging in many different channels, as well as run pre-approval campaigns and data analytics.

Build lead generation campaigns together leveraging Clutch’s pooled knowledge of many Credit Unions of different sizes and regions of the country.

Leverage the event data from the Clutch loan application to send re-targeting marketing messages to members who abandon loan applications.

Run pre-approval campaigns for your membership, or to attract potential new members in your market

Track all of your campaigns and overall success of the Clutch software with Google Analytics

Create unique personalized URLs for members to pre-fill all of their personal information in the loan application.

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