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Auto loan refinance upside down?

Nicholas Hinrichsen - Published: February 15, 2024

Can you get auto loan refinancing if you are upside down on your car?
Yes you can - and there are several methods to make it easier to get towards positive equity. Firstly - "how upside down" matters a lot. Most lenders will finance a certain amount of negative equity and often it depends on your credit. As a rough rule, or good credit customers you can loan up to 120% of the value of the car. So if the Blue Book Value is $10,000 you could loan up to $12,000. For lower credit customers (like 600 and below) often lenders will only extend less than the value of the car - more like 80%. So if you've got a vehicle worth $10,000 you can only get $8,000 in loan.

But even if you're still upside down there are creative ways to get towards "positive equity" in the vehicle.

  • Check if you bought GAP insurance or a Service contract. Often you can cancel these contracts which removes them from the loan
  • If you're still negative equity you can potentially get "2 loans" such that you payoff 80% of your loan with an auto refinance loan at a lower interest rate, and then also receive a personal loan to make up the remaining balance. Your combined payment can still be lower than your existing loan
  • Your last option is to wait a little bit and make bigger payments each month on your current loan to get to positive equity. If you make an additional $50 payment monthly, that money goes directly towards the principal in the loan. This helps you get to positive equity sooner

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