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Save Thousands on Your American Modern Car Insurance

Nicholas Hinrichsen - Published: October 15, 2021

You can lower your monthly premium on your American Modern car insurance and save $1,448 every year / $121 every month through getting a free quote in 2 minutes. You are a great candidate for lowering your insurance premium if (a) you haven’t changed your insurance carrier in the last 12 months and/or (b) if you improved your credit and/or (c) if you paid off your car loan.

Instead of continuing to pay your American Modern policy why not get a free quote from other auto insurance companies now and save thousands in minutes without any changes to your insurance coverage.

Manage My American Modern Insurance

Our goal is to help you build financial strength by comparing car insurance companies. We wrote in-depth car insurance reviews so you can compare the different carriers, lower your monthly payments and get the lowest insurance rate possible. If you’re looking for ways to manage your American Modern insurance, you must be trying to achieve one of the following things:

Manage Insurance / Auto Policy

Go to 'Log Into Online Services' provide User ID and Password and you’ll be able to edit, update or change your insurance settings.

File or Manage a Claim

When trying to file or manage a claim, you can select one of four options. File an auto claim, property claim, roadside assistance claim or auto glass claim. On this page, you can also find COVID-19 related questions and answers as well as general FAQs.

Explore Rideshare Coverage

If you want to use your car for ridesharing, your standard American Modern auto insurance won’t apply. Through a American Modern ridesharing GAP coverage policy, you can insure yourself while transporting passengers or transporting goods for delivery.

American Modern insurance offers a number of different methods to manage your insurance policy or pull up your id card via a mobile app:
  • Phone App on AppStore (not available)
  • Android App on Google Play (

If you just want to stay in touch with American Modern and know what’s going on, connect with American Modern in one of the following engaging ways:

Cancelling your American Modern Insurance Policy

You can cancel your American Modern insurance policy via the iPhone / Android app, the website or over the phone through customer service at (800) 543-2644. The whole process will take no longer than 3 minutes.

You might also explain that you're leaving because you're getting lower auto insurance quotes elsewhere. Often, insurance carriers are willing to negotiate when they know they'll lose you otherwise.

Background on American Modern

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1938, American Modern Insurance is a specialty insurance company, offering insurance to individuals who can't find adequate coverage from mainstream companies. American Modern Insurance Group is owned by Munich Re and continues to offer specialty insurance lines, which now also include Landlord property Vacation home, Vacant property, Full-time home, Mobile home, Collector car, Boat, Yacht, Personal watercraft, Motorcycle, All-terrain vehicle, Golf cart, and Snowmobile.

American Modern Insurance Products

American Modern has a variety of insurance products meant for the benefit of its members/customers and policyholders. These primarily span across the following categories:

Automobile Insurance: These policies are meant to cover both liability and property damage for owned vehicles. The policies vary widely with regard and you need to pick whatever suits your needs best, e.g. number of miles you drive, whether or not you want collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, whether or not you want rental reimbursement and whether or not you want coverage for underinsured or uninsured motorists. We’ll go into more details and how to obtain car insurance quotes below.

Home and Property Insurance: These policies are meant to cover both liability and property damage for a residents primary dwelling. This includes both renters insurance and homeowners insurance/home insurance, condo insurance as well as coverage for personal property or rental properties including but not limited to boat insurance, personal property insurance, valuable personal property, umbrella insurance etc.

Business Insurance: Business insurances include but are not limited to general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance, business owner's policy, professional liability insurance (aka errors and omissions), worker's compensation insurance, inland marine insurance, key person life insurance, home-based business insurance and business interruption insurance.

Other Insurance: Under other insurance, we often find umbrella policies to widen your protection above and beyond your primary coverage as well as flood insurance.

Insurance Contact American Modern

Should you need to contact American Modern’s customer service team (be it for to file insurance claims or for general customer service related questions), you have three options to proceed:

  • You can call American Modern toll-free at (800) 543-2644
  • You can email American Modern by using the email form at the bottom of the Contact US page at https://www.amig.com
  • You can send American Modern a letter to American Modern, 7000 Midland Blvd, Amelia OH 45102, United States

A American Modern representative will get back to you within 24 - 48 hours.

American Modern Ratings, Reviews and Complaints

American Modern has a number of ratings and reviews. The most reliable resources to an independent and unbiased description from customers and employees can be found on the following four pages:

We find that consumers should take these reviews and complaints with a grain of salt. Usually, primarily upset customers feel the necessity of going through the effort of leaving a written review. We therefore recommend looking for patterns within American Modern’s customer reviews more so than interpreting individual reviews too deeply.

Have you had a negative or positive experience worth sharing? If so, we encourage you to document your American Modern experience on one of the above pages. Other prospective customers and American Modern employees will thank you for the transparency and generous use of your time.

Insurance Costs, Quotes and Discounts from American Modern

Getting a Quote: To get a quote, you can apply directly through American Modern here. Filling out a quote requires having a American Modern login and then answering a few basic questions about you, the members in your household, your vehicles, and your driving record. You can receive a quote either online, on the phone, or through a local branch.

American Modern Auto Insurance Costs: American Modern proposes to save members/customers an average of $752 when compared to other insurance providers. When independently compared to other insurers (e.g. via US News) American Modern saved the average member $276 compared to the next best national insurer (Geico). Depending on your driving record, the table below is a great reflection of what costs to expect on average.

6 Month Average Premium Monthly Average Premium
Average Price $626 $52
Driver w/ At-fault Accident $752 $63
Driver w/ Good Credit (670+) $640 $53
Driver w/ Bad Credit (<580) $1,188 $99
Driver w/ Speeding Ticket $642 $54

Insurance Discounts Available: There are several discounts American Modern offers drivers for the auto insurance policy:

  • Approved association membership
  • Auto policy with agent
  • Multiple policies with American Modern
  • Central station fire / smoke alarm
  • Central station burglar alarm
  • Local smoke and / or burglar alarm
  • Deadbolt, smoke alarm, fire extinguisher
  • No claim in past 3 years – varies
  • Paperless documents
  • Paying in full

American Modern Bundling Discounts: American Modern proclaims to offer a discount to members who bundle home and auto insurance policies. To qualify the auto policy must be in place prior to the home policy. It should be noted that some other national insurance companies (such as Allstate) offer discounts of up to . Yet when independently reviewed, American Modern still often had the lowest cost for bundled home and auto policies.

Other Insurance Brands Related to American Modern

American Modern has grown into a huge financial services conglomerate. Brands related to American Modern include but are not limited to the following:

American Modern Insurance

  • … is a subsidary of Munich Re

Questions People also ask about American Modern

Our goal has been to provide you with a wide range of content so you can learn more about American Modern without having to browse through different websites. While talking to our insurance customers, we frequently heard and answered the following question about American Modern:

Who Qualifies for and Should Get American Modern Car Insurance?

American Modern membership is to the public. The following list summarize who can join American Modern auto insurance:

  • We have not seen any restrictions
  • Generally everybody

The obvious next question is, who should get American Modern car insurance? The best way to determine whether American Modern Insurance is right for you is by getting a quote and reading reviews. A few features that make American Modern stand out for policyholders include the range of specialty products such as classic car insurance for classic collectors, mobile home and motorcycle insurance.

Is American Modern good insurance?

Overall, American Modern is a top insurance carrier. American Modern's customer base is known for being very loyal to the brand and taking advantage of the wide range of American Modern's products and services. American Modern is a premium product with premium service. If you’re trying to get the best deal on insurance possible, American Modern is probably not your best choice.

Is American Modern Flexible With Payments?

The answer is short and sweet: yes, American Modern offers flexible payment plans. Life can happen and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of Americans face competing financial obligations. American Modern’s flexible payment plans can be tailored to your personal salary or pay-schedule so you never miss a payment.

American Modern’s standard payment plans are the Six-Month Policy and the 12-Month Policy. On both of these policies, you can choose to either pay 100% of the premium upfront against a discount or pay your premium in monthly installments.

Does American Modern Offer Accident Forgiveness?

American Modern will not raise your premium after an at-fault accident if you have been accident free for five consecutive years. American Modern’s accident forgiveness program is rather generous. Sadly, American Modern does not offer its accident forgiveness program nation-wide. The following states are excluded from the program, likely for regulatory reasons: California, Connecticut, Delaware, New York and North Carolina.

Other insurance carriers raise your premium significantly when you are involved in an accident caused by negligence. Other insurance carriers are even worse: they won’t accept you as a customer if you don’t have a completely clean accident history.

Compare to other insurance carriers

To make it easy for you, we reviewed a number of carriers in the same format. We find it very hard to compare insurance companies apples-to-apples. Therefore, take a look at our reviews:

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