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If you want to help your Members save money on their loans, Refinance Recaptures is the most advanced solution. Our Digital Car Buying platform enables your members to purchase vehicles 100% online and without leaving their homes. And if you want to help your members with everyday financial well-being, check out our Savings Hub.

One mission. Three products.


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A powerful new approach for auto lending solutions

Car buying, auto lending and member recapture programs made easier in an end-to-end all-digital experience.

Refinance Recaptures

Focus on recapturing real Credit Union members that have auto loans through a quick and easy process.

Convenient for the members to use.

Easy for the
 Credit Unions
 to integrate.

A means of helping your existing members.

Refinance Recaptures

Savings Hub

Car ownership doesn’t end at the purchase or refinancing. Credit Unions need to engage their members continuously throughout ownership to remain top of mind. We’ve created a platform that helps ensure financial wellness.

Easy way of taking
care of
the vehicle.

Easy way of
saving money.

Keep members aware of savings.

“Amazing almost magical experience for our members and an incredible ROI when it comes to deploying capital.”

Mike Shiller

Credit Union


Digital Car Buying

Creating a digital-only car buying experience, we enable Credit Union members to seamlessly complete a purchase online. The dealer won't swap the member out of the Credit Union loan and the Credit Union sells VSC and GAP.

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Ensure members won't get flipped out of their pre-approved loans at the dealer.

Give members access to the best online inventory with a 7 day money-back guarantee.

Members shop from the comfort of their home while ensuring financial well-being.

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Digital Car Buying
Savings Hub
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