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A complete journey for credit cards

End-to-End Digital Credit Card User Experience

Offer a fully digital experience where members are shown which credit card products they are likely to be approved for, and allow them to transfer balances from their existing cards onto their new card for both the member and the Credit Union.

Display all of your credit card products in an easy-to-compare user interface.

Pre-qualify or pre-approve members for new credit cards

Show members which of your credit cards they are likely to be approved for based on your rate sheets and their credit report before they apply.

Allow members to transfer balances from their existing cards at other financial institutions with an easy interface that displays their live card balances onto their new card with your Credit Union.

Receive ready-to-fund applications directly in your Loan Origination System complete with an ACH file for you to pay off their existing balances if they complete a balance transfer.


How does it work?

Explore how the Clutch credit card account origination solution can power the digital user experience for your Credit Union.

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